Why am I here?
DEADLINE: Monday, September 10, 2012 by 08:00

This is one of the most asked questions amongst humans. Now it's your turn 8th grade to shed some light on this debated question.

When answering this blog question, go deeper than "I am here to play tennis."

Why, in general, are you here. . .on this planet?

NOTE: This first assignment can be answered directly here on this blog or in another manner such as a PowerPoint, Prezi, poster, or in any other creative way to answer the question above.

Thank you!

-Mr. Hendricks

anonymous :)
7/9/2012 03:24:13 am

Im here on this planet to be a good person,to help people,in one word to be a hero for someone.
Also I'm on this planet because of my parents,without them i wouldn't be here now typing this comment. :)
In general I'm here to learn how to live and to make some changes in the world if i would get a chance to do it.
All people are existing to make a better world and community. Each person has his own ability to make some change,and in some situations am useful and important to help someone.
So i hope that I'll give some changes in this world!

7/9/2012 10:14:58 pm

Why are we here? A question I've asked my self countless Times, is it because of an almighty god?, or an alien experement gone wrong? Well I think we put ourselves here, the human mind works best when under threat maybe that's what happened our previous planet was under destruction after an asteroid pounded into the planet, as a last hope of survival our ancestors sent a fleet with children knowing they were the only hope of the survival of the race, after months of traveling the ship landed onto earth where the children taught themselves to survive, they grew, and eventually evolved into modern day humans, this is why I think we are here because of the hard work of our ancestors that is why we are here.

8/9/2012 06:36:04 pm

Im here on this world because Jesus decide to bring me here and my parent too and I have to help the people in this world like teamwork. I have to be a good person and realize that others people need help. For exemple in Africa there are people that died every hour. For help this people is better to send money or maybe some games that you don't use and the important thing is to don't waste foods because in africa they don't have foods.
I hope someone can help those people that are living bad in this world.

Edgar Urmanov
8/9/2012 07:08:11 pm

I think I'm here on this planet to do something good for our world.
Also to help other people doing something that they can not do by them selves because of some problems or something like that.
Like someone before said to be a hero for someone.Yes,you can not help everyone in this world,but you have to try.Imagine if you help one person in our huge world how happy this person would be.But first of all you have to do a minimum.To respect your parents,your family,your friends,orher people ,who are close to you.If you will do this easy things,our world will be better.

8/9/2012 07:35:24 pm

I think we are on this world to make the world wonderful, to help change the people and our planet in good way with our actions, to learn younger people how to live before we die. Humans are on this planet to change, but it could be not only in good way.

9/9/2012 12:34:02 am

I´m agreeing with everything that "anonymous :)" said. But I also think that if you really want to be on the planet, and live, you have to work hard for it. If you want to live, you need money, to earn money you have to work, so you can buy food and other stuff for you and your family. And I think that you have to take a lot of care of you parents, because you are on the earth because of them, and if you want them to be proud of you, you have to be successful person, and help other people if they have any problems.

9/9/2012 01:57:43 am

I think I am here, on this planet, to help people and do my best in everything I start. Now this everything is tennis and school. Sometimes i ask myself, why do I need to do everything so perfect? In my case the answer is easy - I have younger brothers and sisters, who are going to repeat every single step I do. I am here to make the world better, because everyone who does everything what they have to do, make the world a little bit better. I am here to learn about past, and correct mistakes.

9/9/2012 04:13:08 am

I think everybody is here because somehow the monkeys transform in humans, the first humans were Adam and Eva. After that i think they had babys and that babys had more babys untild it arrive to me....
And all this is still going until one day that something will happen and everybody will die. and than no one can do more humans.

9/9/2012 04:15:03 am

Other reason that i here is to be happy with my family and enjoy the life until i will go to the sky. So everybody needs to enjoy they life until is the end, is like one book, starts and then finish.

9/9/2012 06:49:54 am

I think we are here to improve our lives from before and make it better to the future. I am here to change the lives of people that are around me and basically the whole world. This is my main goal in life, to change the world around to a better future. The second most important is to continue the Bulekpaev family name and make my relatives proud of what I have done.


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