Why am I here?
DEADLINE: Monday, September 10, 2012 by 08:00

This is one of the most asked questions amongst humans. Now it's your turn 8th grade to shed some light on this debated question.

When answering this blog question, go deeper than "I am here to play tennis."

Why, in general, are you here. . .on this planet?

NOTE: This first assignment can be answered directly here on this blog or in another manner such as a PowerPoint, Prezi, poster, or in any other creative way to answer the question above.

Thank you!

-Mr. Hendricks


    The rules are simple:

    1. Check this blog every Monday. Blog writing is part of your homework grade.

    2. Write a comment of 5 sentences or more on the weekly blog post or on another student's response.

    3. Use correct capitalization and punctuation when writing.

    4. Go back and read your comment again OUT LOUD. (This can be to your computer screen or to your dog, if you have one). Edit your mistakes.

    5. Make sure your commentary is clean and respectful.


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