Reconstruction Political Cartoon
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We begin the semester after the American Civil War that lasted from 1861 to 1865 over the issue of slavery and the South's secession (or withdrawl) from the United States. The South formed what was then called the Confederate States of America or the Confederacy.

In 1865, the Confederates surrendered and slavery was abolished everywhere in the nation. The United States, as we will see in Chapter 17, will have a difficult job trying to rebuild a fragmented country economically and socially. This period of rebuilding the nation is known as Reconstruction.

Look at the political cartoon from the Reconstruction Era and answer the questions in t
he comment box below:

  • 1. Who do the three people symbolize in American history?
  • 2. Why does the man in the river refuse help from the man holding onto the tree?
  • 3. What does the man in the river mean when he says: "This is a white man's government"?
  • 4. The man on the shore with a suit is actually a president during the Reconstruction Era. Who is it?
  • 5. Looking at the whole picture, what do you think is the main message behind this political cartoon?

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Along with the questions to answer above, I will also be paying special attention to punctuation in your blog post. Don't forget your commas and periods when you read your writing OUT LOUD.

Thank you!

Mr. H.

daria kurovskaya
14/9/2012 07:04:15 pm

First man which is holding the tree is a slave. Second man which is in the water, is the man from the south, who hates slaves. I am not sure who is the man which is standing on the coast of the ground.
I think the man in the river doesn't want to be helped by a man who is holding the tree, because he thinks that slaves are bad and it is better to die than to be helped by black person, which is a slave. When white man said "it's white's man government" he was meaning that he doesn't want to be helped by a slave because south got a lot of problems, because of the slaves, like people started debating if they want to join north (against slavery) or south (for slavery). These people simbolize important people during the reconstruction revolution, the process of trying to make slaves free. The message of the cartoon is the moment when north gets more powerful than south.

anonymous 1234
14/9/2012 07:25:58 pm

I think the the guy in the river is a southern and the guy that stay in the tree is a slave. The slave want to help the southern but the man in the ground doesn't because he's a northern.
The man in the river is southern, so he dosen't want help from a slave that before work for him.
The man in the river mean that if he saves his life the government will be with some black people inside.
I think the man on the ground is Abramh Lincol.
The black man even if the southern tortured them, the black people is trying to help the southern that doesn't accepted. I think that the man in the ground is saying to the man in the river that even if before you tortured him now his trying to save him. The southern doesn't accepted.

14/9/2012 08:03:28 pm

the man up the river simbolyze the north,the man drowing in the river simbolyze the south and the man clining in the tree is a slawe.The man in the river refuses the help of man on 'tree because after all he has done is vergognia to be saved by him.

14/9/2012 08:34:35 pm

the man on the north bank of the river is the river man man on the tree represents the slaves.The drowning man refuses the man on the tree because after all he has done is ashamed to be saved by him.the man in the river, saying this is a government of white mean that there place for blacks.The man in the shore is Abrham lincol.I think the moral of the picture and that the slaves while being persecuted help the south.

14/9/2012 10:06:17 pm

1. In this cartoon is repesentated three mens: Abraham Lincoln at the back, a black person in the tree and a white goverment in the river.
2. The white goverment refuse the help from the black person in the tree because he discriminate the black people.
3. He means that he doesn't want to get dirty his hand touching a black person.
4. Abraham Lincoln is the person at the back.
5.This cartoon means the descrimination against the black people in the 19th century.

I think im the first in do it.

15/9/2012 07:26:16 pm

1. These 3 people President, slave, and owners of farms or slaves.
2.Maybe he doesn't want help form lower people like slaves.
3.It shows that he is racist.
4.The man in black suit is Andrew Johnson.
5.It shows how do white people treat black people and they want to change it, I think it is kind of propaganda.

15/9/2012 07:58:03 pm

I think that the three men symbolize the different people in America. The man in the water represents the south and it's white man government meaning only white people can rule the country, the man clinging onto the tree represents the black people of America and how he still offer help to the drowning man even though he refuses to be helped. The man on the shore is Abraham Lincoln one of the most respected and well known presidents of America, he is saying that it doesn't matter if the man is black he can still save your life. I think the message of this cartoon is bias towards the northern Americans because it shows how the man in the river is too stupid to take the black mans hand, leading to savior of his life but instead he refuses to take it just because it's black.

15/9/2012 10:05:10 pm

the man who is drowning in the river represent south, man up there represent north and man who want to save the south man represent slave.
i think south man refuse help from a slave because he is not white and whit people doesnt want anything from black people.
Cartoon represent that whit people was separate from back people and they had different conditions.

15/9/2012 10:08:20 pm

1. the three people that represent three types of people in America it is black man,south america and north america
2.becouse man near the tree is black and man in the rever didnt whant help from black man
3.its mean what only white people can government this country
4.Abraham Lincoln
5.maybe the point is that in those centuries black people had bolshii to politics and who did not want help from them

16/9/2012 12:41:31 am

1.These three persons symbolize the main characters of the Reconstruction.There is a man holding the three.He represents slaves.In the river there is a white person.He represents white goverment.Even in a bad for him situation he doesn't listen to a president.He discriminates a slave.And the man in the shore is American President during the 1861-1865 Abraham Lincoln.
2.The man in the river refuses help from the man holding onto the three,because he is a slave.The man in the river thinks better to die ,that to be helped by the slave.
3.Sayin:: "This is a white man's government."He means that black people can never be in a goverment.
4. The man in the shore is American President during the 1861-1865 Abraham Lincoln.
5.The cartoon means that white people were discriminating balck people even during the Reconstruction.

16/9/2012 02:00:59 am

1.I see the men in the ground he is from nothern and he is president who changed the rules no slavery , other men who is holding the tree he was the slave and now he is not and he is giving hand to the men who is in side of the river. The men who is in side of the river he is from southern and he wants slavery.
2.The man in the river refuse help from the man holding onto the tree because of he don't want take hand from the slavery.
3.The man in the river mean when he says: "This is a white man's government" because he is from southern and people from the southern didn't agreed with people from the nothern and he is still want slavery and he don't wants black people in the government.
4.The men who is standing in the back of the picture is Abraham Lincoln.
5.The main message that is going to be a civil war and that southern wants to be separated from the U.S because southern wants slavery.

16/9/2012 04:06:27 am

1. I think, that the three people are the President, the slave, and the farmer.
2. I think that the farmer refuses the help from black person, because he did not wanted the black person working on his farm.
3. The farmer means by saying "This is a white man's government", that this government, or country is only for white people, and there should not be any black person, or slave.
4. The man on the shore is Abraham Lincoln.
5. I think that the main message is that the white people should treat slaves or black people better than they did on the picture, and that people have to respect all kinds of skin, not just white, but the black one too.

16/9/2012 06:02:13 am

This political cartoon represents the post American civil war reconstruction. The man drowning symbolizes a southerner who is reluctant to accept slaves as equals. The southerner would prefer to die than to be saved by a black slave, clearly he believes slaves to be an inferior group of people. The black slave (the man clinging to the tree) represents a new group of people entering society. In this cartoon the man is holding out his hand to save the drowning southerner's life. To me this almost is a symbol of forgiveness and a willingness to move past possible mistreatment and abuse. I believe this man to be Ulysess S. Grant the 18th president of the United States. Grant is urging the southerner to take the black slaves hand. The text in this cartoon spoken by Ulysess S. Grant signify's that from now on slaves are equals and that is how it is going to be from now on. This is my interpretation of this political cartoon.

16/9/2012 06:05:15 am

*I believe the man on the shore to be (6th line)

19/9/2012 05:00:52 am

very well written

Daria M
17/9/2012 04:06:37 am

1. I think this 3 people are the black person is working in farm, the man in the river is from government house and the man in suit is president.
2. The man in the river is saying that he doesn't want help from man because he is black, and the man in the river wants all of black people to put in slave state so he is saying " I will be fine with out your help!"
3. The man in the suit was a president at that time and his name was Ulysess S. Grant. He was 18th president at that time in United States.
4. I think the main massage behind that cartoon is, at that time people wanted to put all of black people to slave state, but Ulysess S. Grant wanted to stop slavery.So Ulysess S. Grant was standing behind and seeing how people treated slaves, and after that stoped slavery and let all of black people free.

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