Writing an email with a historical question
Deadline: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by 08:00

This week I would like all of you to write an email to my ES International School account for your blog assignment.

Some of you who are new may be asking, "Where can I find Mr. H.'s email?" If you do not remember it, click on the syllabus box in your grade's history dropbar and open up the syllabus in PDF format.

Make sure your email to my schoool account contains the following points:

  1. The email needs to start with "Dear Mr. Hendricks,"
  2. The first paragraph of the email must give a brief introduction of yourself, including:
    A) Your full name  
    B) Your nationality

    C) Your age and birthday 
    D) How long have you have been a historian (or studied history in school)?
  3. The second paragraph is one that requires some thought and a bit of research. You need to ask any historical question you wish from the history we are going to study this year. Check the syllabus on this website for topics we are covering in class or look at the back of your textbook to see a quick listing of the chapters we will study. You can start your second paragraph with, "My historical question that I would like to know the answer to is this: __________________________________?"
  4. The email should conclude with "Sincerely," and your first and last name.

NOTE: To write an excellent question, do your best to be specific on a certain subject, event, or person, and ask questions with "How?" or "Why?"


  • How have The Simpsons changed the face of comedy?
  • Why are The Simpsons yellow?

For fun, you can try and answer the Simpsons questions above on the blog right now and start a debate with your classmates!

BONUS: If your question is "most excellent" in its construction and depth, I will ask you to find a famous historian via the Internet and see if he or she can answer your mind-boggling question. You may earn 1,000 House points if your question is well written and you can find an expert who can provide a suitable answer to it.
Mr. Hendricks
17/9/2012 18:25:23

The Simpsons are yellow because they have eaten too many bananas.

18/9/2012 04:13:54

i think that Simpsons are yellow because if they would have another color of body you wont see the separation between their head and hair.

18/9/2012 20:37:50

Simpsons are yellow, because yellow it's color which is hard to forget, and i kind of agree with Nicole

21/9/2012 19:19:25

I think the simpsons are yellow because maybe in their city there was yellow

22/9/2012 03:25:49

The Simpsons are yellow because they have to be different,not like normal people.If they will be just white we won't remember them.
And we find funny a fact that they a yellow.

Mr. Hendricks
24/9/2012 05:14:14

Ok. Ok. Nicole seems to have done some research about the hairline influencing the color of the Simpsons. But, I have heard some other possibilities:

1. Creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, supposedly wanted the Simpsons to be in yellow to make their world seem more "surreal."

2. It is also reported that Groening wanted viewers at home to tune into the show and used yellow as an eye-catching color. If the viewer at home got up and banged the TV set, he or she may realize that the Simpsons family was indeed yellow and might stay tuned to see what the show was about.

3. Another theory floating out there is that in 1989, News 4 reported a story about an asteroid composed of sulfur and benzene crystals which exploded over the town of Springfield. The asteroid interacted with the radioactive waste in town and the inhabitants all were bathed with sulfur vapors, which are yellow.

What do you think??

24/9/2012 06:34:09

I think the Simpsons yellow because there was a big nuclear blast and radiation, and they covered the steel yellow

24/9/2012 06:38:36

I think, that The Simpsons are yellow, because creator want to do them unusual.

25/9/2012 23:52:10

I do like Seva's answer, maybe he was doing his homework on Chernobyl when he wrote that comment!

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