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In this week's blog, we have a mystery guest visiting us.
Take a look at the man pictured on the left. Who is he? Pay special attention to his outfit for a clue of one of his occupations.

If you have Google Goggles on your Smartphone, you may be able to scan his photo and find out his name instantaneously. If you do not have access to Google Goggles, read the clue below that provides a clue to this famous historical figure:

Keeping freedmen fed and in the know,
His efforts were felt in one famous bureau.

Please answer the following questions on the blog:

1. Who is this week's mystery guest?

2. Name two achievements of this famous historical figure.

3. Write one interesting fact about this man.
anonymous 1234

1.that person is General John Reynolds
2.General John Reynolds was a general in the civil war for the north, he played the war of Gettysburg and he died.
3.General John Reynolds was born in Lancaster, pennsylvania


the person in the picture is the general John reynolds .He is famouse cause there was a general of the army of the north during the American Civil War and fought in the battles of gettinsburg.John Reynolds in Lancester in Pensivenia a state of america.

Daria Kurovskaya

The person, which is illustrated on the picture is John Reynolds.
John Reynolds was general in American Civil War. His achievements were that he became 3rd royal governer of Georgia. John Reynolds fought in the battle of Gettinsburg and Reynolds achieved the rank of full admiral in 1787, shortly before his death in London on February 3, 1788.
Interesting facts: Reynolds was the son of a newspaper editor and friend of future president James Buchanan.

River Hart

Hey Mr. Hendricks,
Here are my thoughts on the questions about the man in the picture....
1. The name of the man is General John Renolds, he is a leader for the Union, during the Civil war.
2. 2 great achievements are that He lead the Army of the Potomac in the battle of Gettysburg, and leading his unit the Army of the Potomac in the Seven Day battle.
3. John Reynolds was the only child that survived out of the 9 children that were born.

Artak _-$ The best $_-

Dear Mr.Hendricks

I'm going to write what i think who is this person in the picture:

I was looking information about him when i ask to Liam who is it ( because i didn't know) so I found that his name is General John Rendols. He is famous because he vas a generel of the North durnig the Civil war. He was born in September 20 and died in July 1 when he was 42 years old. He was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In part, he is famous because he was the 3rd royal governer in Gerogia. When Reynolds come from Mexico, John was sended to Fort Preble, Maine, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Fort Lafayette, New York. He was next sent tothe west of Fort Orford, Oregon, in 1855, and John participated in the Rogue River Wars of 1856.

Artak Knyazyan.


On the picture is General John Renolds.
-He was born in July 1, 1820.
-He was the only one who survived in his family out of 9 children.
-Was a general in the Civil War
In July 1 1863 Hohn Renold was commanding the "left wing" of the Army Potomac.
He died in the battle in 1863 and he was buried on July 4, 1863.


It is General Olivier Otis Howard. He was born in November 8 in 1830, founder of Howard university. Olivier Otis Howard was also the commissioner of Freedman's Bureau. Died in October 26, 1909.
Olivier marched with General William T. Sherman from Georgia to the sea and fought in the Carolinas campaign.


1. The man in the photo is General John Reynolds, who was one of the most respected and acknowledged generals in the union army.
2. His two achievements are:
-His military rank:Major General
-He was able to hold off the confederate army and save the union army from complete desturction.
3. He was shot by a sharpshooter at the age of 42.


1.This man in the picture General John Reynolds .2. The son of John and Lydia Reynolds, John Fulton Reynolds was born at Lancaster, PA on September 20, 1820. Initially educated in nearby Lititz. Opinions differ about the details of the general's death. There are different versions of the time of death (not 10:15, not 10:40 - 10:50) and the place itself (part of the ridge Vostoyanaya McPherson about the positions of the 2nd Wisconsin Regiment or Western, about the 19th Indiana). 3.Dzhon Rothman has played the role of General Reynolds in the movie "Gettysburg." Reynolds also was present in the movie "Gods and Generals" but then deleted it from the script


Hi Mr. Hendricks,

1. I believe the man in the picture to be the General John Reynolds, well known Union leader.
2. One of John Reynolds's achievements was leading the 3rd DIvision of the Pennsylvania Reserves at the Battle of Second Bull Run. A second would have to be him commanding the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th corps.
3. John Reynolds was a close friend of the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan. James Buchanan and John Reynolds were both from Lancaster.

Yana Leshenko

-It is General John Renolds.
-He was the leader of Union in the civil war.
-John Renolds was commanding of the army Potomac.
-He is the only one who survived out from 9 children in his family.
He was born in July 1, 1820, died in battle 1863.

Edgar Urmanov

1.The man in the piture is John Fulton Reynolds.
2.He was a general during the Civil War.He was one of the most important person in the Army of the Potomac . He was killed in the Battle of Gettysburg in the first of July 1863th.
3.Nobody knows how he was killed.Some people think that maybe he was killed by his soilders because bullet went to the back of his head or maybe by a sniper from the tree.


Good evening, Mr. Hendricks.
1. I think the man in the drawing is John Fulton Reynolds.
2. He was a general during the Civil War. He was leading in the Army of the Potomac. He was killed in the battle in 1863th.
3. John Reynolds was a friend of the 15th President of the United States. It was a James Buchanan.


The man that is on this picture is John Reynolds.
He was one of the most important people during the Civil War. He died on July 1, 1863 at age of 42. He was a Major General of the Potomac Army. His last words were: "Forward! For God's sake, forward!"


1.General John Renolds,
2.He was a general during the Civil War and he was important person in the Potomac and he was leading the Army of Potomac.
3.He is who survived out from 9 children in his family.

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