Countries of Africa
Deadline: Monday, October 22, 2012 by 08:00

It's time to start decorating our classroom map of Africa! Each one of you has a country that I have picked out for you below. Follow the steps carefully to know what you need to do for this blog post AND for the Africa map in the classroom.

= Blog post assignment
STEPS IN PURPLE = African map assignment in classroom

STEP ONE: Each of you has three clues that connect to a country in Africa. Read the clues and do a Google search to see if you can find the name of your country. Define each of the three words in your blog post.

STEP TWO: Once you have found the name of your African nation, you will need to fill in the blanks below on the essential information of your country for the blog:

1. Name of African Country:__________________
2. Capital: __________________
3. Population: __________________
4. Official Languages: __________________
5. Currency: __________________

STEP THREE: Can you locate your country on a world map? Find your country on the classroom African map drawn by 8th grader Piotr and trace the outline of it on a blank piece of paper. Decorate the country by drawing and coloring the official flag inside the outline (See below for two examples).

STEP FOUR: Cut out your map and write the name of the country on the opposite side. Tape a corner of the country on the large African map in the classroom so others can lift up the map to see the country's name on the opposite side. 

Find out what and where the capital of your African country is. Neatly write the capital name and a star with a circle around it (⍟) under your country map flap on the classroom African map.


LAUREN A.: Sudd / Salva Kiir Mayardit / 2011 independence referendum

Tigre people / UNOVER / Isaias Afewerki

Erg of Bilma / Djado Plateau / Cure Salée

"Dead Heart of Africa" / Tibesti Mountains
/ Chari Jazz

Darfur / haboob / secretary bird

Dogon people / Timbuktu / Festival au désert

Ben Amera / Eye of the Sahara / Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

Lake Retba / Youssou N'Dour / ceebu jen

LUCA: Conakry Monster / Fouta Djallon / Camp Boiro

"Gold Coast" / Lake Volta / Elmina Castle

Mende people / blood diamonds / Tiwai Island

zoblazo / Kedjenou / Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

Upper Volta / mobylettes / Mossi people

Blo Degbo / James Monroe / Pepper Coast

LAUREN T.: Gelede / Nollywood / Argungu Fishing Festival
Mr. Hendricks
15/10/2012 08:23:09 am

Example blog post:

Mr. Hendricks: voodoo / Kingdom of Dahomey / Ganvie

voodoo: animist religion that began Benin
Dahomey: the ancient kingdom of Benin from the 1600s-1894
Ganvie: A Benin village built on stilts in Lake Nokoué

1. Name of African Country: Benin
2. Capital: Porto Novo
3. Population: 8,791,832
4. Official Languages: French
5. Currency: CFA Franc

Tinaaaaaa Šindlerová
15/10/2012 11:57:58 pm

KRISTINA: "Dead Heart of Africa" / Tibesti Mountains / Chari Jazz

Dead Heart of Africa: distance from the sea and the country's largely desert climate, Chad is sometimes referred to as the "Dead Heart of Africa"
Tibesti Mountains: The Tibesti Mountains are a range of inactive volcanoes located on the northern edge of the Chad Basin in the Borkou- and Tibesti Region of northern Chad. The massif is one of the most prominent features of the central Sahara desert and covers an area of approximately 100,000 km2
Chari Jazz : Chari Jazz was the first modern Chad musical group.
Website: Wikipedia

1.Name of African Country: Chad
2.Capital: N'Djamena
3.Population: 10,329,208 mil.
4.Official Languages: French and Arabic
5.Currency: Central African CFA franc (XAF)

16/10/2012 03:24:27 am

Zoblazo :
A traditional musical dance from Abidjan (the largest city on the Ivory Coast).

Kedjenou :
Is a common dish cooked along the Ivory Coast. It includes slow cooked chicken and vegetables.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace :
Is the world's largest Church in Yamoussoukro.

1.Name : Ivory Coast
2.Capital : Yamoussoukro
3.Population : 20,617,068
4.Official Language : French
5.Currency : West Africa CFA franc ( XAF)

16/10/2012 03:27:23 am

My Clues :

zoblazo / Kedjenou / Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

17/10/2012 04:23:36 am

Mohamed oudi abdel aziz:
The president of Mauritania
Eye of Sahara:Is a prominent circular feature in the sahara desart of west -control
Ben amera:
Is the wourdls third largest Monolith.

17/10/2012 04:59:30 am

4.Official languege:Arrabic
5.Currency:united kingdom

22/10/2012 04:15:13 am


see u
18/10/2012 04:05:09 am

hi mark, kristina, kuzey, lucca, maria lauren A/T, mr hendricks, alikhan, christopher, diego, elliot, artur, pavel, maxine

Фкегк Пфтуум
18/10/2012 05:03:47 am

1.Lake Retba-lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, north-east of Dakar.
2.Youssou N'Dour-senegalese singer, percussionist, composer.
3.Ceebu jen-dish in Senegal.

1. Name of African Country:Senegal.
3. Population:14.1 million people.
4. Official Languages:French.
5. Currency:Franc.

18/10/2012 05:06:26 am

What does it means!!!!!

Mr. Feliu
18/10/2012 05:04:13 am

Marc: Dogon people/ Timbuktu/ Festival au Désert.

Dogon people: Dogon are very famous for they religions traditions, their masks, dances, sculture and arquitecture. they are localed in Mali, and Burkina Faso. The Dogon country is one of the Mali's major attraction four the turists.
Timbuktu: is a town situated in West Africa , Mali. Its best time was in XVI century but they started to declline when the europeans started the commerce with North Africa.
Festival au Désert: Festival au Désert is a concert that Mali's population celebrate each year. From 22001 to 2009 the concert was celebrated in Essakane but from 2010 to know its celebrated in Timbuktu, the town that we alredy talked about in the previous definition. they sing the music that in the moment its around the world.

Name of African Country-: Mali
Capital -------------------------: Bemako
Population --------------------:13,796,354
Official Language -----------: French
Currency -----------------------:Franc CFA

Artur Ganeev
18/10/2012 05:06:19 am

Sorry, i forgot change language.Фкегк Пфтуум-Artur Ganeev

18/10/2012 10:15:23 pm

1: Country name is: Guinea
2: capital: Conararky
3: population:10,057,975
4: Offical Language: french
5: Currency: Guinean franc

random guy doing luca´s homework
18/10/2012 10:45:03 pm

Conakry Monster: Wow now i have a story to tell............ A conarky monster is like a dinasour, one that didnt die millions of years ago. The Conarky monster is a ginormous fishlike dinosour. It was discribed as a "crocodile/lizard monster." It was washed up on a beach in Guinea.

Fouta Djallon: The Fouta Djallon is a highland in Guinea that is "an average elevation of about 900m (3,000 ft)".

Camp Boiro: Camp Boiro is a consentration camp in Guinea. While President Ahmed Sékou Touré was ruling the country, many political defenders were imprisoned at the this concentration camp.

19/10/2012 02:45:09 am

1)Name of Áfrican contry
4)official lenguages
5) Currency

19/10/2012 03:04:28 am

1)gold coast: Is a city and a región coastera , approximately 70 km. The climate is subtropical beaches are Another atractive to surf.
2) Lake Volta:Lake Volta is the largest reservoir by surface area in the world, and the fourth largest one by water volume.
3)Elmina Castle: was erected by Portugal in 1482 as São Jorge da Mina.

Cause Im titanium!!!!!!!!!!
19/10/2012 07:50:51 pm

Mende people / blood diamonds / Tiwai Island

Mende people: The Mende people are the largest ethnic group in Sierra Leone. The Mende make up 31% of Sierra Leone's total population.

Blood diamonds: Blood diamonds are a diamond mined in a war zone.

Tiwai Island: Tiwai Island is a wildlife sanctuary and tourist site in Sierra Leone.

1.Name of African Country: Sierra Leone
2. Capital: Freetown
3. Population: 5,485,998
4. Official Languages: English
5. Currency: Sierra Leonean leone (SLL)

LOL xx
19/10/2012 08:08:46 pm

Mt country is Nigeria.
Nollywood: a name of The Nigerian filming industry. ( A copy of Hollywood and Bollywood).
Gelede: Is an annual festival "honoring our mothers".
Argungu fishing festival: a festival held on the Niger river, in which 5, 000 men participate in fishing for 45 minutes.

Capital: Abuja
Population: 162 470 737- 2011
Official languages: English and Hausa
Currency: Nigerian Naira

Lauren A
20/10/2012 05:11:21 am

Name of Country:Sudan
Languages:Sudanese Arabic
Currency:Sudanese Pound

Clues:Sudd / Salva Kiir Mayardit / 2011 independence referendum
Sudd: A vast swamp in South Sudan formed by the white nile
Salva Kiir Mayardit: The first president of South Sudan
2011 independence referendum:A referendum took place in South Sudan whether one region should remain part of Sudan or not.

Mr and Mrs smiths son <3<3xx
21/10/2012 02:22:47 am

Smiffy: Blo degbo/ James Monroe/ Pepper coast.

Blo degbo= An ancient rock formation that is shaped like a face.

James Monroe= James was the U.S. president and he had a place in Liberia named after him called Monrovia.

Pepper Coast= Pepper Coast is the the coastal area in western africa in between Cape Mesurado and Cape Palmas.

name of country= Liberia
capital of country= Monrovia
population of country= 4,128,572
language of country= ENGLISH
currency of country= Liberian dollar

21/10/2012 04:44:43 am

name of country-Sudan
Official languages-Arabic

23/10/2012 02:35:21 am

I'm helping Pavel with his african country.
Pavel:Upper Volta/mobylettes/Mossi People

Upper Volta:original name of what is now known as Burkina Faso

Mobylettes:model of moped (type of vehicle) by French manufacturer Motobécane during the second half of the 20th century

Mossi People:people in central Burkina Faso, living mostly in the villages of the Volta River Basin

1. Name of African Country: Burkina Faso
2. Capital:Ouagadougou
3. Population:16,967,845
4. Official languages:French
5. Currency:West African CFA franc


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