Words to Live By
Deadline: Monday, December 3, 2012 by 08:00

Reinforcing the lesson on thankfulness and our wonderful Thanksgiving luncheon by Student Council, I am posting a video from the American charity, United Way, on this week's blog. your assignment is the following:

1. Pick ten of the vocabulary words below that you will see in the video and define them on your blog post:

  • a nap
  • (to) deprive
  • hope
  • thankful
  • afraid
  • (to) interrupt
  • (to) tailgate
  • (to) wave
  • outrageous
  • attire
  • (to) judge
  • success
  • integrity
  • maple syrup
  • homemade
  • brownies
  • fruitcake
  • (to) nag
  • obedience
  • (to) postpone
  • reputation
  • blessings
  • (to) whistle
  • (to) advocate

2. Write a small commentary of a minimum of 100 words on what you liked or did not like about the video. What piece of advice did you like the best? Why?

number 1 ;) (pepe)
28/11/2012 03:38:27 am

1.whistle: my defiition:It is to make cool voice with your lips halfly closed.dictionary definition:a clear high pitched sound made by forcing breath throw a small hole between partly closed lips.

2.Afraid: It is to be scared.Dictionary defiition:It is to feel fear.

3.to judge:Is to say somebody what your thinking about him or his performance.dictionary definition:a person who decides results of a competition.
success:to do good at something.dic def:to have an acomblishment.

28/11/2012 07:22:14 pm

Well done kuzey I am impressed so far !

number 1 ;) pepe
30/11/2012 06:30:03 pm

thanks franiii

number 1;) pepe
30/11/2012 06:30:53 pm

wait I wanzt aloud to call u that right ?

2/12/2012 09:12:37 pm

No u r not allowed to call me that + it is frannie

number 1 ;) pepe
30/11/2012 06:29:26 pm

5 brownie: It is a junk food that is a chocolate cake.
6 fruit cake :It is a desert that is cake that is made by differant kinds of fruits.
7.nap:Is to dont fall a sleep but,in a sleeping position (relaxed mode)for a short period of time.
8.home made:It could be a material or a food that is made up in a house.
9.thankful:To be thankful to somebody is to be happy with someone so far.
10.wave: It is the movement of the sea.

28/11/2012 03:39:01 am

I will write 6 more mr hendricks

28/11/2012 07:55:30 pm

Nap : to sleep for a stort period of time.

Hope : to have hope to be a professinoal tennis player, is to have desire or want for something to happen in the future.

Afraid : To be scared.

Success : To be successful means that you have made many achievements in life, attainment of holding honor .

Reputation : An estimation in which people are compared to.

Whistle : to make a musical sound from the mouth, often produced by birds.

Postpone : To delay something, they postponed the tennis matches until 3:00 because of the rain.

Outrageous : Unbelievable ; usually used for situations believed as incorrect.

Homemade : Prepared or made at home ; often reffers to food.

Nag : to annoy or irritate

2/12/2012 09:31:23 pm

I think this video is trying to say don't be afraid to do what you fear ; " Don't be afraid to say ' sorry ' - this was one of the lines that I appreciated because, saying sorry is something that most people hesitate about doing, and I know I am one of those people.

Another message the video is trying to explain to us is, to improve something well you can't over complicate things you have to make it simple. I also think it is simply saying, try and do something good for someone or yourself everyday - ' leave everything a little better than you found it ' ,is another passage in the text.

29/11/2012 09:41:00 pm

Nap: is to hap a short sleep or break.

Hopeful:If your are hopeful, you hope for something you want, like you are hopeful to win the raffle.

thankful: something you give thanks for.

Afraid: to be scared of something

Interrupt: when someone is talking and you say something or do something that stops that conversation.

Wave: to shake your had around at someone

success: someone who has done extremely well in something.

Homemade: something that is made at your house.

brownies: a delicious chocolate square cake.

nag: someone who tells you to do non stop chores.

29/11/2012 09:48:51 pm

This video wasn’t clear for me because it was like do this and do that. It wasn’t like you should wave to the children on the bus it was wave to the children on the buss. It was a bit to demanding. But there was one end saying and this word really made me think and it was just thank you, and that made me think, would you live by this word or not, and then I realized that this word I would have to live by the most in my life and anyone else’s live. I think that word is the most important of them all and that’s why they put it at the very end.

30/11/2012 04:51:19 am

Thankful: To be appreciated.

Outrageous: Excessive or shockingly bad.

Brownies: A small square of cake, typically chocolate cake with nuts.

Reputation: Opinions that are generally held about someone or something.

Attire: Clothing.

Blessings: God's favor and protection.

Success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Hope: Wanting something to happen in the future.

Homemade: Made at home, rather than in a factory.

Obedience: The quality of being obedient.

30/11/2012 04:53:26 am

I will tomorrow or soon write the 100 words about the video.
That means that nobody needs to write in the weebly
"Diego you fergot the video" hahahahhahahah ok.
See u guys

30/11/2012 04:10:24 pm

Diego you forgot the 100 words for video!!!!!!!hahahahahahaaha

Artur Ganeev
30/11/2012 11:24:13 pm

At the beginning of this video I didn't enjoy this video, because i thought that in this video we had some animation not only the words and music, but at the middle my opinion changed. I thought in this video some important words were about how to live good. It was a word of thanks. During the video ( I didn't know why ) but I thought about my mum. At the the end I even felt sad. And in this video I enjoyed the music. So it was a very good video. How Mr.Hendricks found videos like this.

1. Whistle- make a sound like bird.
2. Fruitcake- like a cake but a little bit small.
3. Affraid- to be scared with something.
4. Advocate- a human who protected rigth
5. Hope- to expect something
6. Thankfull-to feel sense of thankful
Homemade-something made at home
Deprive- take something at someone
integrity-someone or something we don't take
Success-achievement of something.

Lauren A
1/12/2012 01:01:32 am

1.Nap: to sleep during the day a little bit
2.Thankful: To give thanks
3.Hope: To wish for something
4.Afraid: To be scared
5.Thankful: To be full of thanks
6.Brownies: Kind of like a chocolate cake
7.Homemade: Something that is made at your house
8.Wave: To move your hand in the air, it means hi
9.Attire: Clothing
10.Postspone: To let off or wait

Lauren A
1/12/2012 01:09:34 am

I liked this video, I believed it to be very inspirational and life changing to some. I believe it could be life changing to some because it talks about how you should be a good person and the video kind of got close to explaining that people should live life to the fullest. But I did find this video a little random how all the sudden it changed from talking about a serious topic to a strange and wierd type topic for example "leave everything a little better than you found it" to "leave the toilet seat in down position". Other than these random phrases the video was quite nice.

1/12/2012 03:17:02 am

a nap:short period of sleep
(to) deprive:to take something away
hope:is the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life.
thankful:is the debut album by American singer Kelly Clarkson
afraid:like i am afraid to die
(to) interrupt:is a signal to the processor or an instruction in software usually indicating an event that needs immediate attention.
(to) tailgate:social event.
(to) wave:is a disturbance .
outrageous:not conventional.
attire:to put garments on.

2/12/2012 02:42:52 am

Nice Chris,
I can see that you are doing your homework. Its very difficult when you go to another country for along time. Good luck in the tournament!!!!!!
Continue the good work in Edmodo and in the weeblies!!!!

3/12/2012 08:33:13 pm

Chris you forgot the video paragraph ...

1/12/2012 05:46:15 am

Deprive- To keep from enjoying.
Tailgate- Closer at the rear of a vehicle.
Attire- To dress or clothe.
Integrity- Obedience to a strict rule.
Advocate- To argue in favour of.
Interrupt- To break the continuity.
Blessings- The act that one blesses.
Reputations- A general estimation that the person is held by.
Nag- consistant scolding.
Postpone- To cancel and re-date.

I liked the video because even though it shows the small things in life that we should do, if we are honest with ourselves, we don't actually do them.
I like how they are not things you have to do, but they are things they should do, in order to get respect from people, that you respect. Like the saying: “what goes around, comes around”.
The video explains how the people in the world should treat each other, as life is the only thing we have. So spend the time wisely, appreciate everything we have, and don't be afraid to say how you really feel.
The message: “Don't waist time thinking about it, just do it! Take a deep breathe, believe in yourself, and run…….but make sure you don't stop until you get there!

mr feliu barça the best
1/12/2012 06:40:09 pm

Vocabulary words from the video. Definitions of the vocabulary words
I. A nap ---------------------------------------a short sleep especially during the
day that babies often do
II. Thankful---------------------------------------to be very pleased for something.

III. Afraid------------------------------------------a scared feeling

IV. Interrupt-- ---------------------------------------to stop or break the continuity a progress

V. Judge------------------------------------------------ to form an opinion about something

VI. Success---------------------------------------------an accomplishment that is successful

VII. Fruitcake-------------------------------------------a cake that contains dried fruits and nuts

VIII. Obedience----------------------------------------- a behavior intended to please your parents

IX. To postpone----------------------------------------to hold back to a later time

X. Whistle ---------------------------------------------- to produce a sound like a bird
(Word reference, dictionary .com, kids.net.au, the free dictionary)
Small commentary:
I think that this video is at the first minute kind of reflective, but after it starts saying funny sentences like for example: “remember the other people’s birthday( without the help of Facebook)” , maybe for anther people this is funny or correct but not for me, I think that is very disrespectful . I think that this video is a perfect video to show to the class the thanksgiving day, because I think that talks about saying thanks to the thinks that you have and don’t forget the others that maybe don’t have the same than you. I think that the song of this video is perfectly related to the subject of the video because, makes you reflect a lot.

Manchester United the best
1/12/2012 07:19:26 pm

whistle- to make a voice from your mouth
wave- it is from water it can be on the beach
outrageous- it is when sobething or somebody so bad
a nap- when you want to sleep
interrupt- when you speak and somebody interfere you
attire- it is what people wear, it is very beautiful
hope- when you worry and you think that they will do something
(to) advocate-when you have advocate and he or she can help you with world problems
obedience- to obey

I dont like this video, because video has to be with records , not just with sentenses
I read some wise words !!!!

2/12/2012 01:29:36 am

1) Thankful: To be pleased or relieved.
2) Outrageous: Shockingly bad or excessive.
3) Success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
4) Maple Syrup: Syrup produced from the sap of certain maples.
5) Homemade: Made at home rather than in a shop or factory.
6) Brownies: A small square piece of cake mainly chocolate.
7) Obedience: Compliance with an order, request, or law.
8) Reputation: The beliefs or opinions generally held about someone.
9) Blessing: God's favor and protection.
10) Whistle: To make a high-pitched noise with your lips and breath.

My thoughts on the video were that it had some cool and interesting words and sentences but a lot of it I didn't understand and some of the sentences were pointless for example; " remember to put the toilet seat down" and I think it was "don't be afraid to say I'm sorry" because I don't think many people are I would be more shy to say I'm thankful of everything but when you do it is a great thing and whoever you say it to would get such a blessing. I think this video is good in some ways but strange in some ways but overall It was no problem watching it and It wasn’t that bad.

2/12/2012 01:54:42 am

1. Romantic: being good with your girlfriend or bringing her some flowers.
2. Afraid: when you are scared of something. For example, many people are afraid of saying “I´m sorry”
3. Love: an intense feeling that everybody has or will experience during their life. You can love a person or an important object, that means a lot to you.
4. Nap: a nap is a short sleep, when babies sleep during the day.
5. Hope: hope is to wish in the future.
6. Thank you: is when you give thanks, like the day of thanks giving. However, you always have to say thank you, because it is just polite manners that you should always have.
7. Homemade: is the decoration you do in the house, for example in Christmas you decorate your house.
8. Whistle: is the cool sound that you do with the mouth.
9. Interrupted: is when you are stopped because is someone being rood with the person that is talking.
10. United: is being together in all different type of situations, good and bad.
During the video ‘United Way’, we can observe a lot of positive things that can help you, and make you change to become a good person. Positives thing of the video is that, during the clip there are many inspirational quotes that make you reflect, in how you are and the actions you have made. Some examples of good quotes are, “Never give up”(minute 2:30) , “Take care of your reputation and it will take care of you” (minute 3:05), and “Judge your success by the degree you´re enjoying peace, health and love” (minute 1:38). At the same time, the video tells common things that people do, but are afraid to accept, such as “sing in the shower” or “Being romantic”, this helps us reflect and think that we should do what we think is right, and the best and not of what others will say. However, a negative point of the video is that there are no pictures. This is bad, because it is easier to remember of things when we visualize them in easy ways.

2/12/2012 03:06:36 am

Mr. Hendricks thanks for the video very good thoughts that lead to think about the meaning of life, about the attitude to people, to druz′m, whose mother, studying, training ... I realized that happiness we do yourself. this love for everything surrounding, kindness to all living things, be able to forgive and To everyday endurance. began with the smell of roses, birds singing, singing soul.

2/12/2012 09:34:54 pm

Pavel, well done but it is obvious that this is google translator, however, good effort. And you submitted homework. ! Don't forget your russian dictionary.

2/12/2012 04:26:24 am


I liked very much this video, because it convinces me to say to people how thankful I am.
Some are useful to help us to overcome problems of day to day, but others are deeper and have to do with the real values of our way of thinking.
I appreciated the following advices that appeared in the video: 1.- NEVER GIVE UP. It is a very good advice to work hard, even sometimes when we are desperate fighting without solving a simple problem.
2.-KEEP IT SIMPLY. Generally, we have the bad habit to complicate the situations.
4.-BE A GOOD LOSER, BE A GOOD WINNER. This advice is very useful when we practice a sport like tennis.
5.-DO MORE THAN YOU EXPECT. It is a manner to do more than you think you can
6.- Finally: DON’T POSPONE THE JOY. Don’t lose the moment to enjoy when you realize a good performance.

3/12/2012 05:34:21 am

frannie you fergot your video paragraoh

3/12/2012 08:34:43 pm

No I didn't look again ...

3/12/2012 02:12:49 pm

I like thi video because it said you a lot of thing important in the life like be thankful for every meal or don't be afraid to said sorry , keep it simple things like that and the video just talk About that.
Remember others people birthday without help or Facebook
Don't nag
Don't text
Never give up in the future
Be there when people need you

3/12/2012 02:13:27 pm

I like thi video because it said you a lot of thing important in the life like be thankful for every meal or don't be afraid to said sorry , keep it simple things like that and the video just talk About that.
Remember others people birthday without help or Facebook
Don't nag
Don't text
Never give up in the future
Be there when people need you

3/12/2012 02:13:48 pm

I like thi video because it said you a lot of thing important in the life like be thankful for every meal or don't be afraid to said sorry , keep it simple things like that and the video just talk About that.
Remember others people birthday without help or Facebook
Don't nag
Don't text
Never give up in the future
Be there when people need you

7/12/2012 01:55:10 am

I miss the weebly :(

17/1/2013 11:27:54 pm

yes... :(


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