Arabic Sayings
Deadline: Monday, October 1, 2012

Look at the five common expressions from Arabic below. Do an Internet search for the meaning behind each of these phrases and the occasions in which you would use each of them. Post your findings on the blog.

بسم الله‎
Transliteration: Bismillah
Meaning: ________________________________________
When do you use this expression? _________________________________________________

السلام عليكم
Transliteration: As-salamu-alaykum
Meaning: ________________________________________
When do you use this expression? _________________________________________________

و عليكم السلام

Transliteration: Wa alaykum salaam
Meaning: ________________________________________
When do you use this expression? _________________________________________________

إن شاء الله

Transliteration: Inshallah
Meaning: ________________________________________
When do you use this expression? _________________________________________________

جزاك اللهُ خيراً
Transliteration: Jazakallah
Meaning: ________________________________________
When do you use this expression? _________________________________________________

Nacho Paramio
25/9/2012 03:35:20

Bismillah: Means in the name of Allah. It is said as a blessing before. eating food.
AS-Salamu-alakum: Peace be upon you or hello. It is a greating.
Wa-alaykum-salaam: Reply to hello. Reply hello.
Inshallah: God willing. It is used like the word like.
Jazakallah: May Allah grant you. It is used to say thanks.

26/9/2012 02:45:30

26/9/2012 03:24:00

Bismillah - is an Arabic phrase meaning in the name of God. It is said before eating.
As-salamu-alakum - It is a greeting. It is said when two people meet.
Wa-alaykum-salaam - It is a greeting. It is said when the person you meet says "As-salamu-alakum".
Inshallah - The phrase acknowledges submission to God. It is used when speaking about plans and events expected to occur in the future.
Jazakallah - expression of gratitude. It is said when you need to say "thanks"

26/9/2012 04:03:42

Bismillah - Is the word God. This phrase is used before eating.
As-salamu-alaykum - Is an arabic greeting. When you say it to someone u are saying peace upon.
Wa-Alaykum-Salaam - It is like another word for hello. You use when someone says to you As-salamu-alaykum. It literally means what is close to you 'peace be unto you.'
Inshallah - means God wills. You use it when you are making plans for the future.
Jazakallah - It is a meaning of thanks. You use it when someone has done something good and you parse them.

28/9/2012 17:29:57

Now I going tell you about word.
1. name of god
3.and you peace
4.god willing
5.god may reward

29/9/2012 18:41:33

Bismillah-name of the Islam religion god (Allah)
Wa-Alaykum-Salaam-when somebody say As-salamu-alaykum you must say Wa-Alaykum-Salaam
Inshallah-God (Allah) wills

29/9/2012 20:36:40

Bismillah-it is an Arabic phrase meaning in the name of God. It is said before eating.
Wa alaykum salaam-And you peace it is like another word for hello
Inshallah-God willing you use it mostly when you make plans for the future.
Jazakallah-May God reward that means thank you.


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