Sunni vs. Shi'a
Deadline: Monday, October 15, 2012 by 08:00

This week you are studying about the differences in the Muslim commutiy between the Sunni and Shi'a.  Look at the map  and the political cartoons below and answer the questions on the blog post.

Map questions

1. What part of the world is this map located?

2. Which country has the highest population of Sunni Muslims? of Shi'a Muslims?

3. Which country has the closest percentage of Sunni and Shi'a Muslims living there?

Political Cartoon #1

Political Cartoon #2

1. Political cartoon #1: What is the Muslim place of worship shown in the background?

2. Political cartoon #1: Who are the two groups of people praying in the picture and why are they facing in different directions?

Political cartoon #1: Why do you think there is is a big divide between the two groups praying?

Political cartoon #2: What does the expression mean, "To fight like cats and dogs"? How does this expression connect to the cartoon?

5. Political cartoon #2: Who is the man in the cartoon and which country does he represent? (Hint: Look at the flag on his jacket)

6. Political cartoon #2: Why is the man trying to keep the Sunnis and the Shi'a Muslims from fighting each other?

7. Political cartoon #2: Which country in the Middle East could be depicted in the cartoon that has conflict among Sunnis, Shi'a and a well-known superpower? (Hint: The Middle Eastern country has a 32-37% population of Sunni Muslims and a 60-65% of Shi'a Muslims)
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Map question
1.Arabian penensula
2.Saudi Arabia-sunni Iran-Shi'a

2The two main Islam groups are Sunnis and Shiites.
They are facing in different directions because they believe in different things.
3.I think there is a big divide between the two groups of praying due to religious believes.
4. "to fight like cats and dogs" means a fight between two groups. This expressions connects to the cartoon because cats and dogs are never friends.
5.The man is a soldier and he is from America.
6. Because he has the power.
7. Iraq

10/10/2012 03:58:22 am

Map Questions
1. In the Middle East
2. Sunni- Turkey or Saudi Arabia. Shi'a- Iran
3. Lebanon

Political Questions
1. A Mosque
2. The two Muslim groups or the Sunni and Shites. They are facing in different directions because they believe the muslim religion should be told or done in a different way to each other.
3. I think there is a big divide because the Sunnis and the Shites do not want to other people to get them mixed up, they want to show people they they are seperate yet similar in what they believe in.
4. To fight like cats and dogs means when people are constantly squabaling not fight but always bickering.
5. The man in the picture is American I think he is trying to break up the fight between the Sunnis and the Shites.
6. I think he is trying to stop them from fighting because the Islamic empire is so large if a war were to break out some of Europe a lot of Africa and some of Asia would be fighting to, so it would affect many people.
7. Iraq.

10/10/2012 04:03:38 am

Map question
1.It is located in the Middle East and the countries next to it are:Asia,Africa and Europe.
2.Saudi Arabia
1.A Mosque
2.I think that the people are the Sunni Muslims and the Shi'a Muslims and I think that are like enemies.
3.I think there is a big divide between the two groups because they are enemies. means to fight in two groups and also cause cats and dogs are never friends.
5.He represents America
6.Because he does not want the 2 differnt religions to make chaos.

11/10/2012 03:13:45 am

1- Asia
2- Saudi Arabian - Iran
3- Lebanon
2-Shi´a+Sunni / Because they are diferent ideas
3-Because their ideas are very diferents
4-To figth like cats and dogs means they will allways figth. The shi´a hate sunnis for no reason
5-The American soldeir represent Allah
6-The Allah he doesn´t want sunnis or shi´a to figth

13/10/2012 07:21:10 pm
2.Turkey,Saudi Arabia-Sunni,Iran-Shia
2.sunni+Shia.I think because Sunni say we must pray to this direction,but Shia say no all people must pray to this direction
3.because ideas not same
4.they fighting because Sunni doesn't like Shia and Shia doesn't like Sunni
5.He from America
6.i think he trying to keep two different religion,but is not real because the fighting all the time.

14/10/2012 01:09:31 am

1. it is in middle east
2. Sunni is Saudi Arabia and Shi'a is Iran
3. I think it Lebanon because the populations number is most nearest.

1 and 2. I think 1 of group is sunni and other is shi'a and prading for east is sunni.
3. they are divide because they are different believer and they are enemies.
4. they are like cats and dogs because they are enemy and fighting so same like cat and dog.
5.He is American and they try to stop the fighting but war is to strong so in the picture America is difficle to control.
6.America doesn't want fight because population going to less and middle east it mean Islamic people is many people is is is is dead .
For me this fighting or war it's very stupid for me because just only religion and they kill the people.

who am I?
14/10/2012 05:35:38 am

I love history!!!


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